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Ok look the first thing is this…I made this website for you… the Hairdressing/ beauty salon owner. It can be lonely…right!

So read everything and explore the whole site.

Download everything, absorb everything and start using it…don’t sit on the end of the bed and moan…make it happen…its up to you!

If your anything like me then you will agree that we are being fed loads of rubbish about  Hair Salon Management and how to run a hairdressing salon by hairdressing and Beauty reps, and so called experts who have not even run, managed or owned a hairdressing or beauty salon so why an earth would you want to take their  advice ?

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Cool Stylist
Hair Management Tips

Finding Good Stylists

How To Weed out the Moron Stylist’s That Turn Up To Your Salon For A Job! So this cool stylist turns up to you for a job! and

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Old bureaucratic appraisal form
Hair Management Tips

Appraisal Form

IS the Appraisal Form Really The Right Tool To Get  The Best From YOUR Team? The Appraisal Form has its roots from the large bureaucratic organisations where

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