The Appraisal Form is The Best Tool To Get The Best From Staff…

Old bureaucratic appraisal form

Because my world is in the hairdressing arena, I will talk from that perspective, however, the Appraisal Form works very effectively for any small business.

The Appraisal Form has its roots from the large bureaucratic organisations where it was a normal and a formal way of telling staff how well they were doing and to what level they would be promoted and if they were to get a pay rise. So, in fact, it did not become a measure of performance because all that happened was that the staff member being appraised on the appraisal form was completely focused on whether they were to get a pay increase.

Not Good!

This was done in many cases on an annual basis, so by the time of the appraisal, the stylist was in many cases frustrated. So not a really good starting point to motivate them. Right? and the real problem is as soon as hairdressers see these type of forms they turn completely off and I tell you now you will never get the best out of them.


This is what I did with my appraisal form in my salons…

Old appraisal form tornTore It Into One Thousand Pieces And Tossed It Into The Hair Bin! I hate forms…especially the one’s that you are “meant to do” Look…hairdressers are creative people. They like creative things…Not Forms Right

So Get Creative With them!

Take a piece of paper (your new salon appraisal form) and tell them that you are going to have regular YES… regular one on one’s, on how you can help them become the best hairdresser, manager, receptionist, member of staff or trainee you can! Then, tell them that you will have separate annual pay reviews to discuss their wages. So you take away the link between the appraisal and the pay rise…..

Appraisals should be performed at least four times a year!

Make sure that you do your salon appraisal at least 4 times a year, if not more and I will tell you why.

People have very short memories and unless you keep them hot and focused then they very really achieve their goals. Now I understand that you the salon owner or manager are really busy you have loads of other things to take care of let alone have the time to spend sitting around with a stylist who cant be bothered to even get up in the morning let Hairdressing appraisal formalone start achieving goals.

But think about this….
You only have to turn on two or three people to say increase their average bill by $5 and that can have a massive impact on your business. Let’s do the math. Ok.. Mary works 40 hours in the salon a week right… and on an average day, she does 4 clients all cut and finishes and one of them has some highlights or color. So her cut and finish price is $50.00 and her color price is $75.00 so that’s: 4 x 50 = $200 plus the color that’s $275.00 so in total, those 4 clients have an average bill of 275/4 = $68.75
You work your magic with your new salon appraisal form and tell her that if she could talk to a few clients yes that’s right talk to them about their hair (properly a new concept) then her client may have a treatment or a colour or a restyle or something else that with increase her bill in the salon. Now the great thing as as you know clients love to talk about themselves and what women doesn’t like spending money on themselves if they’re given a good reason to do so! But they need to be given the opportunity… But on a more serious note if Mary did get her clients to spend a bit more and she increased her average bill by $5.00 look what would happen.
Old average bill $68.75
New average bill $73.75
Old weekly takings at 4 a day = $1375.00
New weekly takings at 4 a day = $1475.00

Ok, so $100 more a week but wait….. if she did this what do you think the clients would think? “WOW she’s good she is really interested in my hair…she really cares…she talks to me about my hair and the things I should be doing with it and using on it..”So the knock on effect would be the client would be really happy feel fantastic and tell her friends and Mary would get busier RIGHT! Ok so say she started to get 4 new clients a week and carried on with the good work, then this would happen she was doing 20 clients a week now she is doing 24 clients a week new average bill of to keep it easy:
$74 x 24= $1776.00 a $401 increase a week! so in a year that’s an extra (taking off 4 weeks leave) $19,000 Dollars and multiply that by 3 (turned on stylists), that’s nearly $58,000.00. So yep salon appraisal form’s are a good thing and they don’t have to be a long drawn out. A 5 min chat between clients is sometimes enough to keep them focused….but listen…. lose the form.

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