Finding Good Stylists

How To Weed out the Moron Stylist's That Turn Up To Your Salon For A Job! So this cool stylist turns up to you for a job! and you say yes... Look lets face it.. You have no-idea of what they'll be like until the day they come and set up in the corner of your salon and begin their path of destruction within your salon! I fell for it. A ton of years ago a girl called Helen … [Read more...] about Finding Good Stylists

Retail Makes Sense For Your Salon Profits

My experience is most cosmetic companies want to fill your shelves with their stuff. Okay that's fair but what do they do to help you sell it? There's only 2 kind of retail product you need to know about in your salon. 1. DUST COLLECTING PRODUCT This is where the buying public, your clients know zero about the product. It isn't advertised and if it is the advertising is … [Read more...] about Retail Makes Sense For Your Salon Profits