Attn: Running a Hair Salon Doesn’t Have to be a Pain in the Arse!

Your Hair Salon Probably Has All the Right Ingredients
But Maybe... the Mix is Wrong!

I bet you have all the right things in your salon but for some reason it’s just not quite making it… right!

The crazy thing is it’s probably just something as simple as the wrong mix.

What do I mean?

Listen, imagine I gave you and a couple of your top stylists chocolate cake mix and then asked you to make me the best, most delicious chocolate cake you could.

What do you think would happen?

Chocolate Cake

Some would be ok, some would be a sloppy mess others would be like a solid lump.

You see, it’s not always the ingredients it’s the mix!

Get the mix right and then you have the perfect most delicious chocolate cake that’s the envy of everyone…


Hi, my name is Steve Wynder and I have been running hair salons since 1980…

One thing I know is it’s critical to have the right mix of people and the right mix of fundamental business foundations.

I created this website to help you the unsung heroes of the hairdressing world… the salon owner and give back to this amazing industry.

Wow its been so tough over the last couple of years and thats why we need to change the way we run our business and embrace new things and technologies.

It amazes me that many salon owners don’t have a website or if they do then they don’t have an online store that could be open 24/7 putting money in the till and all on automation…

I know lots of salon owners will put this in the too-hard box when in actual fact is really quite simple when you know how!

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