Managing Your Team

How to Manage Hairdressers in Salon

How To Manage Hairdressers We have gone down the road of the pathetic softly, softly approach with the way in which we manage hairdressers and ended up destroying any sort of discipline in the salon. I am not saying that we should go back to the time when trainees, stylists were worried to step out of line but I think now it's a complete joke, some salon owners I have spoken … [Read more...] about How to Manage Hairdressers in Salon

Stylist Moves 50 Yards Across The Road

How One Sad Faced Stylist Lost His Way To The Darker Side Of Hairdressing...By Moving 50 Yards Across The Road ... and How YOU CAN Learn From It! Okay, this is the story of Darren. Now this hungry to succeed hairdresser began work with me years ago. He appeared to be an honest, hardworking, loyal stylist. He worked hard and got paid well. Some weeks he could earn upwards of … [Read more...] about Stylist Moves 50 Yards Across The Road

Finding Good Stylists

How To Weed out the Moron Stylist's That Turn Up To Your Salon For A Job! So this cool stylist turns up to you for a job! and you say yes... Look lets face it.. You have no-idea of what they'll be like until the day they come and set up in the corner of your salon and begin their path of destruction within your salon! I fell for it. A ton of years ago a girl called Helen … [Read more...] about Finding Good Stylists