Effective Online Salon Marketing

Effective Online Salon Marketing

Online Salon Marketing Truths

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It wasn’t too long ago that one of the best ways you could attract new customers to a hairdressing salon or beauty salon was by word-of-mouth. Although this is a great way to build your columns and your business and it’s something that I still suggest you actively pursue, it can take some time for word to get around about your salon. And as you know, not everybody will think your salon is amazing, or  worth talking about! For every 10 customers or so you’d be very lucky if one or 2 actually talked or recommended your salon. Then the likelihood of those people actually using your salon, well the odds don’t really stack up in your favour.

The problem with today’s hair and beauty salon environment’s is that it’s not good enough being good any more you have to be fantastic at what you do! When you look at a salon that really is truly fantastic, that will make people talk about it. That’s when word-of-mouth really starts to work…But that’s slightly different story and something I will talk about the future.

In today’s fast changing world it’s critical for your salon to be on the web. Ask any perspective customer or client and you will find that they are using the Internet to discover hair and beauty salon’s and services like yours. Gone are the days of Yellow Pages and white pages. Think about your own habits, how often have you picked up the Yellow Pages to find a restaurant or a plumber? or have you gone straight online?  We either search using the Internet on our PCs at home or on our mobile phones.

I will be interviewing Salon Guru expert Anthony Presotto about getting YOUR Hairdressing and Beauty salons online and ready for all the new and exciting things that the Internet, Facebook and Google can offer.