Failures and the Successes of Salon Business

Two Salon Experts with over 69-years Experience Reveal the Failures and the Successes of Salon Business.



I have broken down the video into segments and below is how far into the video these questions are answered:

How it I started in hairdressing – 0:00
How I opened my first salon – 05:42
How easy was it to manage a salon – 06:39
What is the biggest mistake you made in marketing  – 13:17
How do I get clients into my salon – 17:56
How important Systems are – 23:00
Staff issues and staff leaving – 25:23
The importance of reviews – 30.02
The lessons of Marketing – 37:00
Using text messaging – 42.31
The most valuable thing learned in running a hairdressing salon – 44.00
How to come off the salon floor – 49:00
How do I move to Australia – 50:00

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