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Fantastic Team Meetings Online

20 Preprepared in Salon Team Training Meetings

Do you want more consistent motivation for your team?

Are you looking for new team meeting ideas?

Just imagine all the hassle taken out every Staff Meeting or Training Meeting with this incredible NEW online program.

20 pre-prepared in salon team training meetings. Over 70 team exercises and 60 film clips this online training program with Alan Austin Smith complete with comprehensive step-by-step trainers manual totally flexible, mix-and-match and make up your own team meetings without having to travel! Motivate and educate your team in your own salon. Where ever you are in the world! The fantastic hairdresser in your salon forever!!

This is what you get in this revolutionary training program!

The Fantastic Revolution 

These meetings are about how we all need to operate differently in a new economic environment and to take responsibility if we want to be successful.

The Fantastic Hairdresser 

These meetings are the foundations for your team – focused on the skills your team needs to develop to provide a great client experience and increase sales.

Build Your Column 

These meetings look at how hairdresser can make themselves busier by retaining more clients and then getting those ‘fans’ to get you new clients.

Take Control 

These meetings focus on some of the personal skills needed for your team to take action and make things happen. Learning without action is pointless!

Use this training program to give you a full years worth of team meetings done once every two weeks.

Everything is prepared for you, so you save time, money, stress and the worry of how to make your team laser focused!

Use for new team members as an induction tool. This means that every member of your team will be able to go through this whole training program!


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