How to Manage Hairdressers in Salon

How To Manage Hairdressers

We have gone down the road of the pathetic softly, softly approach with the way in which we manage hairdressers and ended up destroying any sort of discipline in the salon. I am not saying that we should go back to the time when trainees, stylists were worried to step out of line but I think now it’s a complete joke, some salon owners I have spoken too are frightened to discipline their staff in case they leave!

If we create an environment with a strong culture so that everyone Knows what is expected of them, things get so much easier and managing hairdressers will become a real pleasure.

Have a good think about your salon culture.

What would you love to hear someone say about your salon….. and what would you hate to hear someone say about your salon. The feed back from this would make fantastic standards in the salon you agree!

Knowledge is absolutely key to manage hairdressers, there are so many good books on managerial skills available today it’s so important that you keep improving your skills and knowledge and put into action the things you learn.

I always hear this crummy excuse “I have not been sent on a course yet, and that my boss has hasn’t bothered to train me they I was just given the job and left to get on with it”.

Did that Sound familiar…. I know and there are many salon owners that send managers on courses but my point is this………….it seems that the attitude of stylists, trainees and yes some managers are that it’s their right to all these things but my point is summed up in this statement.

”everyone seems to have rights but nobody seems to have responsibilities anymore”

Sound true? it’s my right to go on a course but it’s not my responsibility to buy books on how to manage hairdressers and gain more knowledge in my own time or instead of reading the paper in the staffroom while I am being paid………..

Ok… So what skills does a great hairdressing manager need then? Well here’s a few…

Leadership A great hairdressing manager should inspire the team and give them motivation and Direction. They should also be able to come up with the answers the team needs.

  • Culture A great manager should be able to build a strong culture into the team so that the salon becomes self-disciplining. this creates values and in turn aspirations which will lead to great team spirit.
  • Dealing with different people A great hairdressing manager should be able to deal with different people in different ways because we all have different problems at different times.
  • Organizing the team A great hairdressing manager should be organized, not only with the team but with themselves. How many times has someone asked you something and you have not fully delivered the answer or even worse forgot to do it at all.
  • Delegation This one is one of the hardest that I have found. To be a great hairdressing manager you need to be able to delegate and not abdicate. Delegation will create worth in your team as long as you help them along and be supportive. Never, never give something for someone to do and then take it away as this will create de-motivation and bad feeling. Getting help with low priority tasks will help your time management and motivate them.
  • Focus Make sure your hairdressing team is focused and all firing in the same direction. Creating a focus on a service or product will help you achieve your goals.
  • Discipline A great hairdressing manager needs to reinforce discipline in the salon. Make sure your team really understand how serious you are about the team goals and direction. And that they also fully understand what will happen if they do not perform well and what will happen if they do.

“A hairdressing manager needs to manage”

That statement is so true…think about it, a manager needs to manage in all areas.

So to summarize a great hairdressing manager has to be aware of his/her own faults. Being able to create discipline in the salon but is also approachable and understanding. I think there has been too much hand holding and people are not being aloud to fail because with failure comes learning….. that was not the way to do it!

Has this created a culture where responsibility has been taken away?

If you give someone responsibility most people will be responsible. And let’s not forget that there has to be an understanding that when things are not done correctly or poorly their has to be some sort of out come what are you going to do with poor performance and also what will you do for someone who excels. NOT WHO HAS DONE THEIR JOB HOW IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE…… because that’s why you employed them in the first place.

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