How To Get Your Salon Receptionist To Increase Your Profits In One Day Or Less

I had to write this to tell you my experience in a salon…

I walked into one of the big franchise salons I will not say where. Not for a haircut (no, no, no) but to buy a bottle of foam to tame my frizzy curls. Anyway when I walked in there appeared to be just 2 stylists in the salon. One guy was doing a haircut and rushing around like a headless chicken. He seemed to have 2 clients on the go. The other was at the desk of the salon. This seemingly nice red-headed girl looked like she was about to explode. She also had 2 clients waiting. One with wet hair. One with a color on her hair.

I watched as the girl got messed around and asked a zillion questions from a lady in front of me about putty! How much, where, how. I could see at this point the girl just wanted to stuff the putty in the poor ladies face. So, she sold her and she went. Her 2 clients were still waiting. She served the next lady in line for hair products. Thankfully she didn’t want to buy the whole Paul Mitchell range of 200 products. She sold her. The next lady went. Then it was my turn, yahoo I had only been standing at the desk 20 minutes listening to someone rave about the way putty had changed her life. I was about to finally get my curl tamer and … ring, ring, ring … the phone went. A long consultation started on the phone. The poor kid was going nuts. Her clients were getting very impatient. I simply stood as a curly haired observer wanting to leave before the phone went again. The guy over in the back of the salon. He kept his head low and carried on telling the client how amazing he was. I finally got my foam. The girl went over to her 2 furious clients and as I left … the phone rang again.

Getting A Receptionist Can Double
Your Business Dead Easy!

Ok I understand but here’s the deal in reception…
1. Most hairdressing salons don’t employ receptionists.
2. Most salons can double their business by hiring one.

Let’s say you hire a receptionist. You agree to pay her $400 per week. Now that’s $1,600 per month. That is $19,200 per year. That’s a lot of cash to find right? Wrong. Why?
Think about thisĀ again.
Lets say you hire a receptionist. You agree to pay her $400 per week. Now her job is to fill the appointment book and sell retail and of course guide the salon from the front. Currently you are getting just 10 appointments a day in the salon. The stylists are so hassled they are turning away clients. That loses you profits. So the receptionist begins to plug those holes where clients are being turned away. So now rather than having an average of 10 clients per day you now have another 5 booked in by your receptionist. The average bill is $70 per client. 5X70= $350.00 extra per day. That’s $2,100 per week.
That’s $109, 200 per year.You are paying her just $19,200 per year. Now answer this questions again, Can you afford not to have a receptionist? Retail’s sales increase. Appointments increase. Average bills increase. Re-bookings increase. And they handle the slime ball rep when they appear at the door as well šŸ˜‰ Any salon that doesn’t have a receptionist in my mind are NUTS!

There is a full pack about reception and how to run it in Salon Column Builder 2.0.

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