Keeping Your Salon Standards High

Keeping Your Salon Standards High

Getting and raising but more important KEEPING your salon standards high. That’s never easy of course. It takes cash. It takes effort.

It takes awareness. Bottom-line is this.

HOW does your client see your salon? You won’t know unless you ask them. Do you ask them? Do you have mystery clients coming in and giving you a report. It’s dead easy, it just takes a little effort on your part to keep things at a decent level. If you do one thing this week make it this … check your standards before you begin to lose clients and business! Sharpen your Standards Salon standards this is the key to a successful, well-run business.

Communication with your team at all levels is the most important skill in the Salon. We spend hours of training with our team coloring, cutting, retailing, customer care but when did you last do some in-depth training with communication.

Many say that its 50% communication and 50% hairdressing skills to be a fantastic hairdresser and I totally agree.

Teams need motivation, Salon owners need motivation! Hairdressing needs communication at all levels. A great way to reassess the Salon Standards is to do the client walk. Take your team outside the shop and pretend to be a client visiting the salon and take the route the client takes thru the salon. Look thru the windows of the salon what can they see. Dirty cups untidy mags, 15 people behind the reception desk, the receptionist reading Hello magazine? How are they greeted as they come into the salon can this be improved upon?

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