Mastering Your Salon Prices (New for 2014)

(Online video watch now or download) – by KarenDavid

I really excited to announce that my good friends and colleges Karen and David Lynch from the SO Magazine team have just released the brand new video on Mastering Your Salon Prices for 2014…

With the new the start of the new year on us its so important that we get our salon prices focused on profitable business….

Don’t just second guess your salon pricing!

Mastering Your Salon Prices video


  • Profit is a cost and like all costs must be factored into your pricing (or you’ll be working hard for nothing!)
  • Price enquiries aren’t always about finding out how cheap you are
  • Your pricing reflects your Branding and Positioning in the market
  • Pricing structure is paramount and what you must consider to ensure your prices are aligned
  • Your clients have a ‘pre-determined price band’ – what on earth is that? And how can you embrace it?
  • Pricing impacts team performance, and particularly your teams sales performance, way more than we often realise!
  • Your pricing is either marketing or ‘de-marketing’ your salon
  • Price increases – so how do you have them and not have a melt down? (or lose clients!)
  • Why discounting doesn’t work, it’s an OLD way of doing business
  • How new client buying trends really affect your salon sales
  • You don’t have to be big to have a great business – in fact ‘small’ is the new big

and so much more!

Watch right now on your iPhone, iPad or smartphone and of course your PC. If you have never done this before I promise its so simple, just follow the easy instructions and the video will play straight away on your chosen device or you can simply download to play anytime you wish.

Only $97  – Get your copy right now!

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In 5 mins you will be able to watch your copy of  Mastering Your Salon Prices!

Want to know a little more?

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