My experience is most cosmetic companies want to fill your shelves with their stuff.
Okay that’s fair but what do they do to help you sell it?
There’s only 2 kind of retail product you need to know about in your salon.

This is where the buying public, your clients know zero about the product. It isn’t advertised and if it is the advertising is so bad … they haven’t got a clue what it’s for!
So when clients are in they’ll try and read the badly worded bottle and still have no idea what its all for. Or they’ll ask one of your staff for advice. Most of your staff wont have the time to give it. Lost sales!
So you have to push it hard through your team. Do they want to do that for you? Most of the time NO. So your retail or shops sales are low!
In other words it lies on your shelf all day collecting dust!

This is cool. A none salon client walks in from the street, picks something from your shelf, brings it to the checkout and pays. Why?
Good advertising. Good image. Good marketing. Good feelings. High profile.
You see when a product company advertises using something like a gorgeous woman on a beach or a cool looking guy or a funky couple having fun and a passionate embrace for whatever they are selling … A FEELING OF FEELING GOOD, looking great, being part of something special is created.

That’s what your clients will buy. Not an elevated bottle that sells nothing buts its self. Of course … most reps will say different.

Anyway listen …If you want to KICK-START a strong retail shop in your salon my advice is to go with a product that has a strong media presence. One that will make you money, not collect dust and generally will fly off the shelves.

Ask questions what can they do for YOU, how will they help YOU grow your retail business.

Please don’t email me for the number or contacts, c’mon … you gotta do something yourself right 😉


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