Salon Success Club

Salon Success Club

Make YOUR Salon the Best it Can Be!

With Salon Success Club…

The truth is… Sometimes you just need a helping hand to help take your salon to the next level and realise your full Salon’s potential. 

managing a hair salon

Running and managing a salon can at times, to put it mildly, be a complete nightmare!!!  a total maze, understanding how to get things going in the right direction! and the right salon management systems in place…

Where do you start!!

I totally understand what its like making sure your stylists are busy, finding new clients, managing clients, keeping focused, dealing with difficult staff and trying to find answers to the many questions that you have.

I know what its like when your stomach churns when the rent is due, or the wages need paying or the phone rings and its another problem from the salon! How it can make you feel sick and depressed. Having nowhere to go or no-one to ask. That’s how HairBizSecrets was born, through  wanting to help salon owners and managers like YOU!


One of the problems I found, was finding a solution or salon management systems that you could use in the salon at your own pace, because sometimes you just don’t get the time to implement stuff and having someone pressure you into taking action is not always the best idea. RIGHT!!

problems salon owners faceSo I was saying to myself, wouldn’t it  be great if there was a system that would send out information week by week, so that you didn’t get information overload but more importantly you had time to implement the ideas and systems in the salon in the time YOU have available.

Now I know that many of you have used my Salon Column Builder System to help build your columns and how successful it has been for you, however I have been asked so many times what’s next? How do we keep the momentum going! is there anything I can offer?

So I started  researching, asking around and looking into what was available …. and as I always say ‘where you put your focus is where you get results’, I was really focused on creating a system that you could use in your business to cover all the other areas of running a hair salon or a beauty salon or both!

Then I Found A Solution That Would Work!

Now! a few years ago I was coaching young lady called Jeanette from Capelli Hair in Cambridge, New Zealand. After mentoring her for about 2 years I eventually took a trip over to meet her and ended up staying for 10 days with my family at her home.

Salon management solutions for salon owners and managersIt was brilliant! She looked after us as though we were royalty. The reason I mention this is because while I was staying there she gave me some CDs to listen to, by a couple of people called Karen and David Lynch.

These guys were talking about salon business, and it made me really think… and I said to myself, I must put some of this stuff into action in my salons back home in the Uk. So, on my arrivale back to the Uk I held a staff meeting and told the guys what I had learnt!! The results were amazing, completely different to some of stuff I had been teaching in my salons and to be honest, some of my staff thought I’d gone nuts because I had changed some of things I had been teaching them for years.

One of the ideas was grading clients, so for example I USED to say! “A client pays our wages and no matter what…you have to look after them, even if they are a pain in the neck, just look after them”. That was until I had listened to one of Karen and Davids CDs. I changed what we were doing in the salons and I said to my staff ” I want you to be focused on “A” grade clients, that is, clients who return regularly, have colour in their hair and purchase retail. All the other clients I want you to work them towards being A grade clients. And the ones that mess you around, don’t turn up for appointments, keep canceling and are always late then it’s okay to fire them! YES you can FIRE them!!  Well you should have seen my teams face they could not believe what I was saying! You see the whole concept was to stop having booking cloggers and getting booking fillers, clients you know will turn up spend good money with you and return time and time again. That’s the type of clients I wanted and had to get my team to understand. And as you know its like throwing mud at a wall… eventually it sticks and you get the desired results!

I found something that changed everything!

As I said earlier I was really thinking about writing some course or program that salon owners and managers could use in their hairdressing businesses. The things that worked for me with my salons for years. But then when I came across what I think is the best online solution for salon owners who want someone to take them by the hand and help them every step of the way and it made me stop in my tracks!… Why re-invent the wheel, if its already there and it works and its brilliant! then why spend the next year developing something just for the sake of it.. RIGHT! So let me introduce to you….

The Salon Success Club

As many of you know I moved to Australia in April 2012, and in September 2012 I had the pleasure of meeting Karen and David Lynch. I had to check them out for myself… there was no way that I was going to recommend something until I knew the people behind it. Well I can honestly say they are not only lovely genuine people, but are incredibly knowledgable, fanatically passionate about the hairdressing industry and about helping salon owners achieved success with their salons. So I am 100% confident 🙂 you will love them too…

A message from David & Karen

Now, they have produced a system for salon owners and is absolutely brilliant, 1st class and it is so good that I have decided not to write my own but promote theirs because let’s face it  as I said before why reinvent the wheel?

So if you want to be inspired, supported, guided, coached and given clear direction then this simply has to be handsdown the solution for you.

You will have a step-by-step plan to grow the salon of your dreams and have access to videos, audio recordings, forms, systems, knowledge, inspiration, how to manage staff performance, help to grow your cashflow and delivered to you every single week for less than the cost of a haircut.

You will learn things like:Salon Success Club

  • How to use mystery clients in a positive way
  • How to employ the right people at the right time
  • How to market your salon without costing you cent
  • How to grow your salon profits
  • Help to find all the profit leaks
  • How to turn your reception into a moneymaking machine
  • How to get your team on your side
  • How to create a culture within your business
  • How to fill your salon columns with top paying clients
  • How to keep motivate every day
  • How to grow your business so you can relax when you’re not there
  • How to push through the barriers that hold you back
  • How to keep your clients returning
  • How to double your salon sales (yes you can do it!)
  • How to coach your team to be star performers
  • How to pay your team effectively so you both win!

And the list goes on and on and on…

If  you REALLY want to make change then change something!

And the best thing is it so affordable! only $37 AUD a week! thats it! Less than a price of a hair cut!!

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The Salon Success Club starts with the 1st piece of the jigsaw an often overlooked essential part of the puzzle to getting your salon profitable and laser focused.

Sometimes you will find certain things challenging because you’re going to be pushed outside your comfort zone and to learn new things. But I promise you this, in doing so, will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Ask Questions!

Imagine being able to asked questions or queries any time, for advice from someone who is been there and done that with everything from staff problems and issues you’ve got in the salon. Maybe you just want to kick around some ideas!

How good would it feel to find a better way to manage and grow your salon and having help with team meetings, training sessions and dealing with the team in difficult situations.

Join now for only $37 AUD a week

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Each and every week you will be taken through every single step you need to grow your salon, to lead your team, to help keep you inspired and motivated because let’s face it, as a salon owner quite often there isn’t anyone to motivate you.

Create strong foundations for your business, you get to know how, where and why. This is not boring theory… But stuff that works in the real world in real salons.

You will have weekly assignments that help grow your  salon step-by-step a comprehensive list of questions and answers from other salon success club members.

It will be great having the confidence knowing that the information & support you are getting is up-to-the-minute and has been used and proven in successful salons all over the world.

Imagine the time and effort there will be saved for you because we have the forms the processes and all the systems done for you so that you can make them yours and put them in place in your salon. And you can work at a pace that you’re comfortable with.

Join now for only $37 AUD a week

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You will also find out:

  • How to price your services and take the emotion of charging
  • How to have a price increase without having the meltdown
  • How to employ white people right time
  • How to create the Serbs experience your clients really want
  • How to stay motivated every day so nothing stays in your way!
  • How to make your salon run on autopilot so you don’t need to be there all the time

And much much much more!

All this, every single week, for less than the cost of a haircut  or a facial

You will also get…

Unlimited online support: Karen & David personally answer every one of your questions, queries or problems you’re having with your salon business. You can even ask them about ideas you’ve had and use them as a sounding board. You can even see other people’s questions and answers to help  you on your way. I think that’s worth the price alone, because knowledge is is the key RIGHT!!

If you’re not sure whether  you can’t afford to join -then think can you afford not to? – check out the four-week challenge – I guarantee your love being a member of the Salon Success Club – Karen and David give you there personal GUARANTEE! you will love being a member…

Please note: you not serious about growing a salon then this is not for you. The salon success club is a comprehensive programme require your focus and determination to  achieve a fantastically successful salon and the lifestyle you desire.

And anyway, if you start the  salon success club and you find it’s not for you you can just quit any time no questions asked simple as that.

We look forwards to personally welcome you on board the exclusive salon success club online coaching program

Wishing you all the success of your salon

Best regards Steve Winder

P.S  Ask yourself this whatever you’re doing is it working? If you want change then change something...