Over the last few years, I had the pleasure of working with Karen & David Lynch, Anthony Presotto creating SO Magazine and SOtv. Here are a few of the awesome people we interviewed and some of the questions we answered about salon business. Hope you enjoy…

Guy Tang

Love Guy Tang? Want to really find out his story? In this tell-all video, Guy talks openly how he overcame the challenges of people asking him to change and how he became one of the biggest Social Media Sensations we have ever known in the hairdressing industry.

Hairdressing Staff Problems

In this video, we answer Nadine’s question and show her how to get the problems fixed in her hair and beauty salon suite.

If it was just a haircut and style we had to worry about in our salon business it would make life in the studio so much easier. As salon owners, we understand that we need to make more money in our salons however sometimes it’s not just about the person in the chair it’s about getting the culture right in the hair and beauty salon.

Hair Stylist Pay Rates

In this video, Mike from Nigeria asks “What are the different methods of paying hair stylists, salary, commission or booth rental which best fits a hair salon owner who only gets to be in the salon for a couple of days a week?” Listen to how the team answers in just 5 mins 34 seconds!

Team building, charge rates, product knowledge and MORE clients

0 .00 – 3.39 – How do I build my teams morale?
3.39 – 5.13 – Should I charge the same as salon working from my home studio?
5.13 – 8.53 – Do stylists really understand their products and is their product knowledge up to the level it should be?
8.53 – 13.46 – How do I get more walk-ins and clients into my salon?

How Much Should a Salon Owner Earn Personally?

How to use Social Media in Your Hair & Beauty Salon