Angry salon owner Steve

How One Sad Faced Stylist Lost His Way To The Darker Side Of Hairdressing…By Moving 50 Yards Across The Road … and How YOU CAN Learn From It!

Okay, this is the story of Darren. Now this hungry to succeed hairdresser began work with me years ago. He appeared to be an honest, hardworking, loyal stylist. He worked hard and got paid well. Some weeks he could earn upwards of $1,500! Overall he was a good team member and great stylist. 

Now, did you ever get the feeling things aren’t quite right with one of your team?

Well this wasn’t right.

You see, what do you get from a stylist that is on 3 times more than any stylist for miles around? What do you expect from a stylist that you loan money to interest free? What do expect from a stylist that has more time-off paid than most stylist get over 3 years?

Apparently not a lot. Why?

You know how your stylist hit you with a resignation notice at the end of the day (Saturday evening). Most “humane” hairdressers give you a week at minimum notice, right? 

Well he came into my office on a Saturday with his blonde bombshell news.

Steve I am leaving

Okay, says me, but how much notice are you going to give me? taking into account the way I have looked after you, paying you so well and helping you out a million times over the past 7 years?

Darren:: None must go this minute.

Steve:: Seriously?

Darren:: Yeh ,he (new boss) is short staffed and needs me now.

Steve:: ???? No words just ready to kill!

So to end it there … he went … 50 yards across the road to work for someone he had called rotten over the past 7 years.

I gave this guy the following:

Big wages. Long holidays. Interest free loans. Buying a home advice. Banking advice. Life advice. New skills. Trained him. Courses. Education. Bonuses galore. and … it wasn’t enough! He still went 50 yards over the road to our nearest competitor and cut my throat!

I’m going to stop rambling and feeling sorry for myself and tell you how does this affect YOUR SALON? What went wrong and what can you learn to avoid the same mistake?

Here is the lesson and it’s a big one for any hair salon employer.

I gave him everything … I THOUGHT WAS RIGHT … not what HE THOUGHT would be right!

In other words the best way to keep anyone at your salon is to find out what turns them on and do your best to give it to them. So the best way to keep your stylists creating amazing work and doing fantastic haircuts in your salon is by following these points.

5 Simple Steps To Keeping Your Stylists

  1. Arrange a one on one right away.
  2. Talk with them and listen.
  3. Ask what makes them (or will make them) happy at work.
  4. Agree to help them hit their goals (their goals are never what you think. They might see their job as a way of buying a home nothing else)
  5. Have one on one meetings after that at least once every month.

Food for thought……