Up what? Yep up-selling, upgrading, the extras.

Listen you are in business to make a profit… TRUE?

Well here is a key to your success and these days its called up selling. Let me stress this first though… do NOT try and sell a Client anything that you think she might  not need or look good in. The client always needs to come before anything else and that includes more money. Actually seriously get this right and it can make you a lot more money through the salon.

First off all what is the idea of upselling and what does it mean?

Here is a good example for you and so simple…
You go to the Mc donalds drive through. When you order your happy meal ok grown up meal   🙂 she will always say to you “medium or large” and if you are anything like me you say mmmmmm large please.Now the deal here is that if you go for large MCS get another £/$  from you. Ok its no big bill but if they get an extra £/$ of every customer each day ( some mcs get literally 1,000`s ) that is a lot of money over a week, year and that is classic up selling. In other words just squeezing a little bit extra from every client.

So the idea here is to use the existing clients to generate more income.

Lets get back to the salon then. Your client is in for a Cut and Finish. The Cut and Finish is going to cost around 25.00. If you do your Consultation properly you could simply recommend to her that she has a colour, treatment or some other service. If this is done properly it can make a massive difference to your salon takings/profits every week. If you get an extra 10.00 from every client through the salon this week well put it this way if you are seeing 150 clients through your salon door that means you will increase your salon takings by a massive 1,500 per week.


You see its all a numbers game and its not that hard really. Could you do with an extra 78,000 this year… I could thank you and I am sure you are the same.

What you need to do is this…

We have increased our salon takings dramatically doing this and it does work. You need patience and need to keep trying different things. It will be worth it for you and your salon.

If you are not quite sure what to do Ring me or email me for advice. I can offer you a full make over for your business you just need to take advantage of a free consultation and I will do the rest for you.

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